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How does Rolfing Work?

In the same way that a sculptor works with clay, a Rolfer works with the body's malleable, connective network by lengthening and re-shaping the fascia to release restrictions. The hands-on applied pressure by the Rolf practitioner and synchronized movements by the client combine to release fascial adhesions. Heat and energy from the Rolfer softens and rehydrates the connective tissue and turns it from a gelatinous to a fluid substance. Once the tissue is softened, it becomes more malleable and can be more easily reorganized and manipulated. Once the body segments are organized in proper relationship to each other, the body re-congeals to a more balanced state. This enables the body segments (head, shoulders, thorax, pelvis and legs) to realign to a balanced relationship, in both the resting state and in movement.

“I have been utilizing Sondra’s Rolfing talents to rid myself of chronic lower back pain and most recently to help me recover from post knee surgery. She always thoroughly investigates the history of the area of pain in question, explains what muscles, tendons, and ligaments are involved, decscribes the techniques she’s going to employ, and moves methodically to accomplish what she’s promised. She thinks about her clients and designs a program to help them, much like a personal trainer might do. Sondra Gray has an innate gift to give people. It is her sense of touch. She comes by it naturally.”

— Douglas Bartlett, San Francisco

Bones are held in place by soft tissue-muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. If a muscle is chronically short, it will pull the attached bone out of balance. When one part of the body is in trouble, the body as a whole gets out of balance. Rolfing eliminates the muscle contraction caused by an unbalanced structure, thus increasing the level of available energy. Rolfing lengthens and releases shortened connective tissue, improves blood flow, and eliminates energy losses caused by the strains and chronic muscle contractions in a disorganized body and by the constant pull of gravity.

The way we stand, how we hold ourselves and how we move are all patterns of behavior that we have been learning since we were born. In addition, we incorporate mechanical patterns from injuries, accidents, traumas, repeated use and repeated misuse. Rolfing creates balance and improves fascial relationships in all dimensions: front to back, side-to-side, inside to outside. Rolfing restores the body to a state of balance or homeostasis, and provides optimum functioning. By gently lengthening, stretching, and loosening the muscle and connective tissue, Rolfing allows us redesign the patterns of our bodies.

“I was referred to Sondra through my doctor when it became apparent that medical science had done all it could for me in terms of back pain, lack of feeling in my hands, and joint pain. Within the first six months I experienced a great improvement and am currently pain free. Sondra has made a real difference. It is not only her technique but her dedication to working with me as an individual and improving the skills necessary for my problems. She is so friendly, easy to talk with, and puts me completely at ease.”

— Carren Shagley, San Francisco

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