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How does the Body Become Misaligned?

Gravity is the essential shaper of our bodies, affecting and impacting our structure from the moment we are born. Over time, our bodies get pulled into unnatural positions which results in chronic patterns of tension, stress and pain. In addition to gravity, traumatic events are also being recorded and stored in our connective tissue, such as:
• Physical stress
• Emotional stress
• Trauma
• Accident injury
• Repetitive motion (RSI)
• Poor posture

As a result, our bodies get more disorganized and more out of alignment. This impact creates a physical pattern of holding that affects our posture and how we move. One seemingly small imbalance (like one hip being held lower than the other) starts a cycle of misalignment that affects our entire body. Over time, we experience the result of these patterns in the form of chronic pain, stress, limited range of motion, and a general sense of dis-ease in our bodies.

After trauma or injury, most people compensate by changing how they hold their bodies in order to avoid or alleviate discomfort. They heal, but the compensatory pattern remains held in their bodies. Over time, their normally resilient and elastic connective tissue responds to the “misaligned posture” and together with the forces of gravity, stress, trauma and illness, the fascia continues to shorten, dehydrate and thicken. As a result, muscles and joints become contracted, movement is more restricted, and the original position of their bones becomes compromised. Some muscles remain overly contracted and stressed while others stop functioning altogether, which leads to impaired movement, discomfort, and chronic tension.

“I cannot recommend Sondra Gray more highly. She helps keep my body working and my spirits high. She has worked through some serious physical ailments with me and was a big part of my recovery, post surgery. Her cheerful attitude, attention to detail, caring touch and healing words have added to the quality of my life immensely.”

— Shellie Walker Roodt, San Francisco

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