What is Rolfing?
How does the Body Become Misaligned?
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Benefits of Rolfing
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Benefits of Rolfing

Dr. Rolf’s findings have been replicated in numerous studies such as those by Dr. Valeria Hunt at the Department of Kinesiology, UCLA. As stated in her research report:“Hunt demonstrated major improvement in muscular efficiency after Rolfing. Reported changes following Rolfing include: greater physical skill, feelings of well-being, emotional calmness, improved sensory awareness, and social interaction.”

A flexible and vertically-aligned body provides you with:
• Reduction of pain and general discomfort
• Alleviation of stiffness
• Greater flexibility
• Increased vitality
• Greater body awareness
• Improved posture
• Wider range of motion
• Enhanced coordination and balance
• Enhanced emotional well-being
• Reduction of physical and emotional stress
• Physical improvements in breathing, circulation, digestion, elimination and     sleep patterns

“Within the first five minutes of our initial interview (body work), I knew that she possessed the skill and experience I was seeking to help serve my patients.”

- Angela Zaragoza, D.C., Clouds Rest Healing Center, San Francisco


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