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The Rolf® Technique of
Structural Integration

Dr. Rolf, as well as many other health care pioneers, has always known the body function is closely related to body structure.

If the body is in alignment – in the field of gravity, not only do you stand taller, look better and move with greater ease, but you have more vitality and a greater sense of well-being.

This alignment or realignment is accomplished through skillful manipulation of the myofascia or connective tissue that surrounds and envelopes each and every muscle.

"My chiropractor referred me to Sondra Gray because I had knee and back pain that chiropractic manipulation just couldn't reach. After several treatments with Sondra, I regained full range of motion in both knees and my back pain disappeared. Sondra showed me how to stand and sit so that I more fully support my body's structure and am less likely to have the painful episodes recur. Thanks to Sondra, I am back doing yoga and walking 3-4 miles on the treadmill every day. I see her on a regular basis now just to keep my body attuned and my posture in line. I strongly recommend her work both for alleviating physical problems and for maintaining a healthy body."

— Paula Grace, San Francisco

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